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Get an email when your website breaks

Upload your Selenium test script and choose a check interval.
If the test fails, we email you.

You also get ridiculously detailed Firebug-style waterfall statistics for each request your script makes.

Watch the video for a short introduction:

Or check out the demo user account in order to browse and view real test results.

Sign up by adding your first Selenium test case

What is JourneyMonitor?

JourneyMonitor keeps an eye on your website by regularly running your Selenium scripts.

Simply install the Selenium IDE plugin for Firefox and record important user journeys on your site.

Then, upload the resulting Selenese HTML code to JourneyMonitor. We will execute your script accoring to the schedule you've set, and if a test run fails, we send you an alter e-mail. Additionally, you have access to a dashboard were you can access details of each test run.

What is JourneyMonitor NOT?

JourneyMonitor is not meant to be integrated into your Continuous Integration workflow. There are better alternatives for this.

Instead, we fill the gap between watching your site with simple HTTP checks (think Pingdom) and your regression-tests in your CI workflow. We watch for regressions continuously, so you know when things break even if you are not currently integrating.