On building experienceoperations.com

The occasional note on building ExperienceOperations.com

It's an online agency for organisations looking to improve their customer and employee experience.

Step 1: Building a minimum likeable productised service

Wait... this is the first step? Why didn't you do customer research? 

Yep, customer research is super duper powerful in environments where heavy collaboration is required - where simple changes to an experience trigger huge $$$ in people's salaried time and opportunity cost. In the case of an indie maker - it's actually the opposite problem - customer research is super expensive and time-consuming when compared to just doing it. This rule isn't hard and fast, but a decision I made.

1A Spin up a logo


Weird first step

1B Profile your target customer

Tom Notinsea-ecks
  • Goal: 
    • Needs to build a case for experience transformation
  • Needs: 
    • Needs it to be independent
    • Need a light touch solution as everyone is busy
  • Has strong influence, but not full authority over experience
  • Likely in an organisation with little maturity or function

1C Design a target experience

  • Purchasing Journey
    • Awareness
      • User notices an ad
      • User views site
      • User re-targeted
      • User views sample deliverable
    • Consideration
      • User views pricing
      • User re-targeted
      • User requests appointment
      • User completes a 15-minute call
    • Conversion
      • User purchases
  • Kickoff
  • Sprint
  • Delivery
  • Referral

1D Build a landing page
- Value prop
- Offerings
- How it works
- Social proof

1E Build an "entry point"

An entry point is where a user is attracted into your owned journey - transitioning from their own experience to your designed experience - an example is an ad on a social platform.

1E Build a sample deliverable